Joanna George moved to Lewis from Ardnamurchan in 2014 and has worked as a Support Worker, Therapeutic Employment Assistant, volunteering with Befriending Lewis and facilitating Trauma Healing workshops. Having worked in these fields, Joanna saw how important being involved in local community, and being supported by the community, is for people’s mental well-being. When the job arose as Community Co-ordinator for the Trust, she was keen to use some of her previous skills and experience to contribute to their work to welcome newcomers and to inform and involve residents about the Trust’s work and plans for future social and economic opportunities that affect us all. Following on from that job, Joanna is delighted to have now been offered a part time position as Community Development Officer, working alongside Nat Higginbottom and the team at the Trust to help realise more social and economic opportunities and inclusion for islanders.

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