First with the lockdown and then the ongoing building work on the new bridge, the projected completion date of late Spring 2021 for the Kirkibost Marina project came and went. However, while the new bridge restrictions and lack of electricity supply have delayed things, parts of the project have been steadily moving forward. With project manager, John Porteous at the helm and overseeing the construction works, the Kirkibost Pontoon development is progressing well. 

The pontoons are now complete and is hoped that by mid-March the process of appointing berths can begin. There will be space for approximately 12/14 berths for local use and three to four outer berths (in deeper water) for visiting yachts. The pontoon power bollards (electricity supply) and water points however are still works in progress, but it hoped that these will be ready by the end of April. The electrical supply to boats will be charged for separately. 

Over the next few weeks, a management Group will be formed to deal with the day to day running and booking of the pontoon and associated facilities. Once the group is set up, consultations involving the local community about proposed rates for the berths and expressions of interest can take place. It will be likely that rates will be charged monthly/six monthly. If you are interested in a berth, please contact Callum J Macaulay by emailing him at . Callum is also dealing with all pontoon enquiries. 

Due to the new bridge delays, the second stage of the Marina Hub project has also been delayed but as we write, local contractors are being contacted to start work on the new facilities building in March. This will house a pontoon management office, toilets, shower and laundry facilities. A separate waste disposal point will also be installed at the Kirkibost Pier area. It is estimated that this should take between three and four months to complete.