The GBCDT was formed in 2013 to benefit the community of the island of Great Bernera. 

It has adopted a constitution which follows the principles of sustainable development, specifically to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

GBCDT activities range from pursuing a buyout of the island land from the landlord, to developing services and projects which are consistent with furthering the achievement of sustainable development of the community.

Our purposes include managing community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general, whilst providing or improving accessibility of recreational facilities and organising recreational activities.

In addition the GBCDT are charged with providing community development, including rural or urban regeneration, advancing the provisions for educational opportunities in the community relating to environment, culture, heritage and history. 

Our work also includes environmental protection or improvement including preservation, sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment, the maintenance, improvement or provision of environmental amenities for the Community and the preservation of buildings or sites of architectural, historic or other importance. 

We do this alongside and in partnership with organisations such as the Bernera Community Council, Bernera Community Association and the Bernera Historical Society, as well as with other Isle of Lewis Community Development Trusts.



Do you live within the crofting lands of Great Bernera and want to get involved with the community, support local development, and keep up-to-date with your local community development trust?

Recruiting new members and providing ongoing benefits for existing members is a vital part of the Trusts’ work.  It is very important for the trust to grow, helping to ensure a vibrant, engaged community.

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